• V-Control 4.0.7 with Timeline support

    As some of you might know, the Timeline Tasks of V-Control were broken since Version 4.0. I am pleased to announce that timelines are working again. Under the hood, a lot of code was changed and a completely new task model was introduced. Before that, we had a single task class that covers everything, Cuelists, […]

  • Elgato Stream Deck Integration

    V-Control 4 now support Elgato Stream Deck to fire tasks and control the playlist. Have you always wanted an inexpensive universal keyboard with freely assignable keys for V-Control? With keys that can be individually labeled and backed up with images? Then the Elgato Stream Deck is for you. For about 150 Euro you get a […]

  • Kissboxes now available at V-Control’s Shop

    Many of you may know them, but for those who don’t here is an explanation what Kissboxes are and how they work. In general, Kissboxes could be described as gateways. They have an Ethernet connector to communicate with the control software on one side, and a second interface to control devices. This second interface can […]

  • V-Control 4.0.6 and TCP Art-Net Connector

    Today we released V-Control 4.0.6 and a new TCP Art-Net Connector. The TCP Art-Net Connector is a software that controls up to 256 Art-Net universes on the Art-Net side, and has a simple TCP ASCII interface on the V-Control side. In V-Control we have new standard device variables that show the channel status and the […]

  • V-Control 4.0.4 now with MIDI Support for Standard (USB) MIDI Interfaces and Art-Net

     New in V-Control 4.0.4 GUI: Message shows “Not in Run Mode” if a task is started without being in Run Mode GUI: Added Toolbar Button for Countdown Window GUI: Toolbar now shows correctly on High DPI Screens on Windows IOManagaer: IOMan.OnTimerSendAction: if Globals.EnableEvents = False then remove all ioCommands IOManager: Incomming Data is now buffered […]