V-Control 4.1.6

V-Control 4.1.6 was released today, and here are the news: Sorted device list by clicking the header label, Cuelists, Scripts, Timelines and Events are also sorted New driver: Hibino HLC S4K processor Cuelist Insert CallAsFunction, Delay, Repeat etc now leave the cursor correctly one line under the insertion Device Dialog now shows Add, Delete and […]

V-Control 4.1.1 released and two more Video Tutorials

New in V-Control 4.1.1 If creating a new task, the task is preselected now for editing Fixed Bug in Timelines where commands with a DP1 parameter was prefixed with “ (chr(34)) New Driver: Playdeck Added Get / SetGlobalVar for Events New Driver: Kissbox TC2TR direct UDP Timecode Reading / Generating New Driver: Kissbox TC2TR use […]

V-Control 4.1.0 with new Device Setup Dialog

In V-Control 4.1.0 we released a new device setup dialog. In older versions, the device setup was done in three steps at three different locations. The new dialog contains all three steps in one place. We also start a new series of video tutorials. The first one is about the new device setup procedure. More […]

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