V-Control 4.0.4 now with MIDI Support for Standard (USB) MIDI Interfaces and Art-Net

 New in V-Control 4.0.4

  • GUI: Message shows “Not in Run Mode” if a task is started without being in Run Mode
  • GUI: Added Toolbar Button for Countdown Window
  • GUI: Toolbar now shows correctly on High DPI Screens on Windows
  • IOManagaer: IOMan.OnTimerSendAction: if Globals.EnableEvents = False then remove all
  • ioCommands IOManager: Incomming Data is now buffered before processd. The Buffer is read by a timer triggered function now.
  • ScriptManager: Endless repeats don’t let System hang on Stop (Added “If Cancel then return” to Interpreter.bas)
  • New Driver: Onvif TCP Connector
  • New Driver: Art-Net
  • New Driver: MIDI TCP Connector

We have now basic Art-Net support. The main usage of then V-Control Art-Net driver is to trigger other devices. It is also possible to use the driver to have DMX output if an Art-Net node such as Kissbox DMX1-TR is used.

V-Control Connectors

For some devices not direct accessible by V-Control, we provide Connectors. A V-Control Connector is a piece of software that controls the device native and provides a Interface (typically UDP or TCP) to connect to other software products such as V-Control.

So the V-Control Connector does all the communication with a device internally and provides a simple control protocol via network to communicate with V-Control. This also has the advantage that devices not available via network now are network controllable. The V-Control Connector is running on a computer where the device is connected to (typically via USB). This can be the same machine where V-Control is running, but doesn’t have to.

So if you need to control a midi device for example, and this device is far away from your V-Control machine, then you can use an additional computer with a MIDI interface and the V-Control Connector software installed near the MIDI device. V-Control then opens a TCP connection to this machine and from V-Controls point of view this is the MIDI interface.


There is no native support for USB MIDI devices in V-Control, but we have a nice work workaround. The TCP MIDI Connector interfaces between V-Control and your USB MIDI Device.

Note: This also works with rtpMIDI devices if a rtpMIDI driver is installed on your system.

To connect to the TCP MIDI Connector create a channel with the following specifications:

Channel Type: TCP Client

Port: 10002

IP Addres: IP Address of the system with the TCP MIDI Connector (could be if on the same machine then V-Control)

The TCP MIDI Connector is a Java software. On Windows, we provide a package with Java included, this is the reason why the zip file is relatively big. On other platforms you must install Java first.

Launch MIDITCP. In the left dropdown box, select the MIDI input. Use the right box for MIDI output. Once a MIDI Input and Output is selected, the configuration is finished. The software remembers the Input and Output and will use these interfaces net time it starts.

On the V-Control side, now use the TCP_MIDI_Connector_v4 driver.

The driver has a couple of device variables that can be used to fire events if a MIDI message is received.