About V-Control

Versatile, Open Source, Multi Platform Control Software


V-Control is designed to be an all in one control solution for many markets such as Show Control, Control Rooms, Venues, Museums, Theaters, and Home and Bulding Automation. V-Control is a multi platform software for Windows, Linux and MAC OSX, that turns a PC into a multi-purpose control solution. Because of it’s PC based architecture, it  can run on very small embedded PC’s with low power consumption (e.g. Intel Atom or VIA platform) and robust SSD drives, or redundant multi-core machines for multi-threading applications.

V-Control is free software. For more information why we decide to set V-Control under GPLv3 please read this article.

V-Control Applications

  • Show Control
  • Theater / Museum
  • Venues
  • Building Automation / Facility Control
  • Home Control
  • General Purpose Control System

V-Control Feature List:

  • frame synchronous control of devices
  • interactive
  • easy to use cuelists
  • build in scripting
  • build in calendar for scheduling
  • control devices that are attached to other V-Control nodes
  • handle external events (button trigger, sensor trigger)
  • Open system
  • write device drivers with the build in driver editor
  • V-Control itself is controllable via TCP, UDP, HTTP and RS232. This enables integration and interaction with 3rd party control systems
  • professional (payed) support if needed
  • free community support forum

Flexible Programming


With its diverse programming models, V-Control fits the needs of the user for the desired application. For most applications, the easy-to-handle cuelists will work to quickly reach the target. For interactive applications, an integrated Basic compiler is available, which was expanded to include special commands for device control.

V-Control is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications, from home control to powerful show control for theater, trade shows, theme parks and shows. The PC-based architecture allows a high degree of scalability and flexibility, and attractive pricing.


Every V-Control system can be expanded by standard interfaces (e.g. PCI or USB RS232 / 422 ports, DMX, MIDI, Infrared, Relays etc.).

V-Control is an open system. It can control other devices or media control units, but offers interfaces (RS232, TCP, UDP, Web) to be controlled by other applications as well. The user can add new device drivers even for high complex devices at any time.

Touch surfaces


Touch surfaces can be realized with any application that can communicate via RS232, TCP or UDP. Particularly versatile is the built-in Web server. Graphical interfaces for the operation of a facility can be created with any HTML design tool or editor.

Benefits of HTML interfaces:

They run on all current devices with Web browsers, whether iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or desktop browser. The terminal can be exchanged at any time, proprietary (and expensive) devices by a particular manufacturer are not needed.


V-Control Systems can perform several tasks simultaneously. The user can create any number of tasks, the maximum number of concurrently running tasks is 64. Thus, a single V-Control system can run completely different programs and make the use of additional media control systems unnecessary.

Another advantage of the multitasking environment is the ability to create new tasks or edit existing, namely during the run of one or more tasks.


In V-Controls speech, a communication interface like a RS232 port is a channel. A TCP port that is used to control a device is a channel as well as an UDP port. The number of channels that V-Control handles is 96.