Elgato Stream Deck Integration

V-Control 4 now support Elgato Stream Deck to fire tasks and control the playlist.

Have you always wanted an inexpensive universal keyboard with freely assignable keys for V-Control? With keys that can be individually labeled and backed up with images? Then the Elgato Stream Deck is for you. For about 150 Euro you get a keyboard with 15 free assignable buttons.

Individual keys can also act as folders and display additional key layouts. Thus you are not limited to the 15 keys. Elgato provides a more or less comfortable software to assign the keys.

The connection to V-Control is made via the TCP_StreamDeckConnector, which can be downloaded in the download area. The TCP_StreamDeckConnector takes commands from the Stream Deck and forwards them to V-Control via a TCP connection. V-Control must be in remote mode (Configure->Options->RemoteMode->TCP).

Be sure that the Enable TCP Remote Service box is checked.

In Elgato’s Stream Deck software, the buttons are assigned an Open / Launch command. This command takes a file name from the program to be executed as a parameter. The TCP_StreamDeckConnector is selected here. Parameters must then be passed to it to determine which task is to be executed or which playlist action is to be started.

Read the full manual at Elgato Stream Deck






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