V-Control Dark Mode and new GUI Designer

Today we released V-Control 4.1.2. One often asked feature in the past was a dark mode. Personally, I prefer a bright mode, but as you know, taste is a matter of debate. The new dark mode can be switched on via the options (Main Menu Configure->Options and check the Use Dark Mode box). The new mode is then available after a restart of V-Control.

Beside the Dark Mode, there are also some other innovations. Among others the file format has been changed. Therefore V-Control projects can not be loaded from earlier versions. Here is a complete list:

  • New Driver: QSC Q-Sys
  • New Driver: Elatec RFID Reader with Elatec TCP Converter
  • New: Context Menu for Device variable to copy a variable content
  • New: The Call Buttons now have the ability to fire on a Hotkey. The Call Button Window does not need to have the focus to fire on a Hotkey press, it can be minimized. This feature makes it very easy to integrate Elgato Stream Deck
  • New: For UDP, TCP, Http and Https Channels you can now select a network interface
  • New: Dark Mode for Main Window available
  • Fixed: Bug that sometimes the Windows Taskbar disappears
  • Fixed: Channel Status now shown correctly (Ch_Status)
  • Fixed: If a Channel could not be opened then the Channel was still present but not shown in the Channel List.
  • Fixed: Playlist Remote Command Fire Task is now working correct.
  • Update: Device Config Dialog changed, Channel Names are set automatically now. Also Channelnames are hidden in Cuelists and Timelines now. To edit a Channel select the device in the Device Configuration Dialog
  • Update: Change default value of MaximumInBufferSize for Channels from 500 to 600. This is because Art-Net Messages are 530 Bytes long

New V-Control Designer

There’s a new designer again. The product is not ready yet, but it is still available for download and testing.
If the new designer is installed (just unzip and run exe file) it will run in demo mode. The mode has the following limitation: Every 30 minutes a window pops up and reminds you of the demo mode. If the Designer is in Run Mode at this time, it will be interrupted.

To get rid of the demo mode you need a license. And you have to buy it. You might be wondering why you should pay money for an unfinished product? Well, the development of V-Control costs a lot of time. And to motivate us to continue with the development, a little appreciation here and there is quite helpful.

Besides, you also have tangible benefits from it. When the designer is finished we aim for a price of 200 Euro. If you buy a license today you pay only 39 Euro, and the license remains valid for the finished product, promised. The more the designer is developed, the higher the price will be, until we will finally end up at about 200 Euro. The earlier you start, the cheaper the price will be.

Now I’ve talked enough about the money, watch the video and install V-Control Designer to make your own picture. And if you like it and want to support the future development, buy a license.

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