V-Control 4.1.1 released and two more Video Tutorials

New in V-Control 4.1.1

  • If creating a new task, the task is preselected now for editing
  • Fixed Bug in Timelines where commands with a DP1 parameter was prefixed with “ (chr(34))
  • New Driver: Playdeck
  • Added Get / SetGlobalVar for Events
  • New Driver: Kissbox TC2TR direct UDP Timecode Reading / Generating
  • New Driver: Kissbox TC2TR use MIDI section with UDP protocol without the need of the TCP_MIDI_Connector
  • Added Clear buttons in Options page to clear Autoload File and Autostart Task. Before it was necessary to push the load button and then press Cancel to clear that entry.

New Video Tutorials

We also have two new Video Tutorials. One is about the Kissbox TC2TR integration in V-Control. In this Video we show how the Kissbox has to be configured with the Kissbox Editor. We also show how to use it as Timecode Reader and Timecode Generator. And of course we also use it as MIDI In and Out Device without the need of the TCP_MIDI_Connector.

The second Tutorials is about Timelines. Timelines are a very convenient way to fire actions that depend on a Timecode. Timelines use a Device Variable that contains Timecode as Reference. In the Tutorial we use again the Kissbox TC2TR as a Timecode Reference for a Timeline.

All Video Tutorials are available at our Video Tutorial Page.






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