Touch GUIs with WebSockets

One of the new features of V-Control 3.7.14 is the ability of the build in web server to handle WebSockets. This allows us to establish a stable, bidirectional connection between a web application and V-Control. The benefit of a bidirectional connection is, that our web application does not have to poll the V-Control web server to get status changes. As far as a status change of a device occurs, the information is sent to the web application. All we need is to write a handler for this status message and show the new status in our GUI.

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V-Control on IAA, the World biggest Car Show

Today the IAA in Frankfurt (Germany) opens for the public. I use this event as an opportunity to report on V-Control used as Show Control system. As far as I know, V-Control is used on the following booths: Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Bentley, Seat and Skoda. Responsible for media technology on all this booths is the company XL Video from Hamburg.  XL Video trusts in V-Control since 2007.

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