V-Control is now under GPLv3

Since Version 3.7 we publish V-Control under GPLv3 license. As far as we know, this is the only multi platform Open Source software that is suitable for professional show-control, conference rooms and facility automation.

Why GPL?

We like the idea and ideology behind open source software, to provide tools that are free to use, redistribute and modify. And we like to make V-Control more popular in the event and automation business.

The GPLv3 license allows everyone to use, sell, rent or supply services for V-Control, make business without paying any fees and even modify V-Control’s source code. The only restriction is, that the modified source code also has to be GPLv3 licensed. The full GPLv3 license is available at gnu.org.

V-Control is innately an open system. It comes with a remote protocol / API that allows other tools to integrate V-Control via network services.  But the opposite is possible as well. Because of it’s open driver and multi tasking architecture, nearly any device with TCP, UDP, RS232 / 422 / 485, DMX, MIDI, Infrared or KNX / EIB interface can be controlled.

What is our business model?

As common for open source projects, we want to fund the project on services. We offer training, support and development services for professional users. This could also be a business model for you.