V-Control 4.0.3 on Raspberry Pi

Unfortunately, V-Control 4 looks ugly on Raspberry Pi’s Pixel desktop. But we have a solution for that. Use Ubuntu Mate https://ubuntu-mate.org/raspberry-pi/

In Addition, we provide an image with Ubuntu Mate and V-Control 4 pre installed. The image is produced with a Raspberry Pi 3, so you need that device. To use this image, a 16 GB SD card is needed. Download the image from here:

[wpdm_package id=’1689′]

Then unzip the file. This will need some time because it is a 16 GB image, so please be patient. After unzipping, copy the image to a SAD card. To do that you can use dd command on Linux, for example

sudo su
dd if=/home/downloads/V-Control_Raspberry.img of=/dev/sde

Replace the path to the image with your local path, and also replace /dev/sde with the path to the SD card.

On windows you can use a tool such as Etcher https://etcher.io/. Etcher is also available for Linux and Mac.