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 Condition = true Condition = true
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +First notice the last line, '​Condition = true'. Here we define that the condition is allways true, no matter what controller change message is received. If you expect controller change messages from other controllers than controller 1 on channel 1 you have to change this. e.g.
 +dim Controller, Channel as string
 +controller = NthField(onControllerChange,":",​1)
 +channel = NthField(onControllerChange,":",​2)
 +if Controller = "​0"​ and Channel = "​0"​ then Condition is true
 +Now lets look how we extract the volume level and use it as parameter:
 +Dim v as string
 +v = NthField(onControllerChange,":",​3)
 +the variable v receives the volume level. This level is the strored in the global variable Volume.
 +Make sure that the 'After Fired Block for ms' value is set to 0 to allow quick volume changes.
 +{{ ::​blockafterfired.png |}}
 +Now we link the Event to a script.
 +{{ ::​eventparameter2.png |}}
 +This script simply reads the global Volume variable and inserts it in an OSC Command
 ===== Calendar Events ===== ===== Calendar Events =====
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