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 ====== Change Log ====== ====== Change Log ======
 +=====Version 4.1.6 (November-2019)=====
 +  * Sorted device list by clicking the header label
 +  * New driver: Hibino HLC S4K procesor
 +  * Cuelist Insert CallAsFunction, Delay, Repeat etc now leave the cursor correctly one line under the insertion
 +  * Device Dialog now shows Add, Delete and Assign Channel again to detect if some channels are double
 +  * Channels now visible in Cuelist and Timeline again
 +  * Added UDP Auto Reconnect in case of Error
 +  * fixed bug that timelines cant find tasks
 +  * Loop and Offset label now position correct in timelines if main window is resized
 +  * Dark Mode for Device Editor, Variable lister, Device configuration, Join List, Log
 +  * If device Editor or channel editor is opened, Run mode automatically quits
 +  * Fixed a bug with Monitor commands that sometimes the Ack was assigned to the wrong command
 +  * Disabeled Script editing during runtime 
 +  * Divice Variables now show invisible characters as hex
 +  * Updated Art-Net driver
 =====Version 4.1.5 (JULY-2019)===== =====Version 4.1.5 (JULY-2019)=====
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