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Change Log

Version 4.1.1 (JAN-2019)

  • If creating a new task, the task is preselected now for editing
  • Fixed Bug in Timelines where commands with a DP1 parameter was prefixed with “ (chr(34))
  • New Driver: Playdeck
  • Added Get / SetGlobalVar for Events
  • New Driver: Kissbox TC2TR direct UDP Timecode Reading / Generating
  • New Driver: Kissbox TC2TR use MIDI section with UDP protocol without the need of the TCP_MIDI_Connector
  • Added Clear buttons in Options page to clear Autoload File and Autostart Task. Before it was necessary to push the load button and then press Cancel to clear that entry.

Version 4.1 (OCT-2018)

  • Bugfix in onTmrHandleChannelEvent: If a device send the acknowledge in chunks of data, the data could be ordered in the wrong directiion (last data received was the beginning of the buffer, first data received at the end)
  • New Device Configuration: The new dialog configures devices and channels. It also allows renaming devices during setup process

Version 4.0.7 (SEP-2018)

  • Added Search Field for Tasks
  • Search fields for Tasks and Events clears if ESC key is pressed
  • Global Variable List moved from Program Tab to its own area. This list is permanent visible now
  • New Task Model: Get rid of the old model with Threadpool Manager. Instead of having only one TaskType that is configured to be Cuelist, Script or Timeline, we now have an own class for every Task Type that shares the same class interface This makes it easier to add new programming features in the future.
  • Cut Copy Paste from Cuelist Cues to Timeline Cues and vice versa
  • New Timeline design, Timeline works again
  • TDevice: If receiving data from channel, and there is no pending ACK and no Event routine, then the data is deleted
  • New Device Option: Fire On Unchanged Variable. Default is false which means a variable change event occurs only if the variable value is set AND the value is different from the old one. If this is checked (true) then the event is fired every time a variable is updated, even if the new value is the same then the old value
  • Bugfix: If Precompile all is selected, fake compile errors for scripts are gone now

Version 4.0.6 (JUNE-2018)

  • Add new Device variable Sent (shows the last command string)
  • Help now works again showing the help file with the default pdf viewer
  • Bugfix: SingleToStr function now works correct in Linux (MemoryBlock.LittleEndian = true)
  • Bugfix: FloatStringToStr function now works correct in Linux (MemoryBlock.LittleEndian = true)
  • Bugfix: Device Variable update was sometimes broken
  • Driver Update: TCP MIDI Connector now works better with high Midi traffic
  • Driver Update: Moxa ioLogic now has additional device variables showing the counter value if inputs are configured as counter
  • New feature: The Engine Status Refresh Timer is now adjustable from 1 to 500 ms
  • Added Reconnect Timer for UDP Sockets that fire in case of Error
  • Change: precompiler Messages are now shown in status bar instead of Splash Screen
  • Added MaximumBuffer option. If the ReceiveBuffer of a channel exeeds this amount then the buffer is cleared
  • Added new DeviceVariable CH_Status which shows the channel status (open, close, error etc.)
  • New Driver: TCP Art-Net Connector
  • New Connector: TCP Art-Net Connector supports up to 256 universes and capturing scenes from input

Version 4.0.4 (MAY-2018)

  • GUI: Message shows “Not in Run Mode” if a task is started without being in Run Mode
  • GUI: Added Toolbar Button for Countdown Window
  • GUI: Toolbar now shows correctly on High DPI Screens on Windows
  • IOManagaer: IOMan.OnTimerSendAction: if Globals.EnableEvents = False then remove all ioCommands
  • IOManager: Incomming Data is now buffered before processd. The Buffer is read by a timer triggered function now.
  • ScriptManager: Endless repeats don't let System hang on Stop (Added “If Cancel then return” to Interpreter.bas)
  • New Driver: Onvif TCP Connector
  • New Driver: Art-Net
  • New Driver: MIDI TCP Connector

Version 4.0.3 (FEB-2018)

  • Create Condition Template uses Variant as Default Event Variable Type
  • Options→Remote is visible now
  • Resolved: V-Control could freeze if a TCP connection is lost
  • Device Variable Received now shows “TCP Closed” if a TCP Channel is not open for reading / writing
  • New Options → Show Engine Status Settings that enables / Disables Engine EventMessage Stack, IOQueue and Pending Acks values
  • Delay now works more preceise

Version 4.0 (NOV-2017)

V-Control 4.0 comes with a new redesign of the control engine and an updated user interface.

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