VisionConcept uses V-Control in Schüco Showroom

Schüco, the market leader for innovative building envelopes, has opened a new show room at its base in Bielefeld, Germany. Responsible for the multi media installation was the company VisionConcept from Hamburg. Project manager from VisionConcept was Frank Schubach. VisionConcept uses V-Control and some V-IO boxes to do the control part of the job.

© VisionConcept Medientechnik GmbH

One V-IO box was located in the lectern to scan eight push buttons. The V-IO send a message to the V-Control computer in the main technique room.  Depending on the pressed button, two motorized screens go up/down,  or the input of a scaler can be switched. Because V-IO and the used scaler are  equipped with RS232 interfaces, we used terminal server to extend the serial interface by Ethernet.

V-IO Relais boxes are used to run the motorized screens. For that, we locate the V-IO Relais boxes in a cabinet, because switching of 220 V AC was necessary here.

Motorized Screen
Motorized Screen © VisionConcept Medientechnik GmbH

Another installation in the new show room was “The Cube”,  a cube with 12 x 55 Inch LCD screens feed by 6 synchronous running V-Players.

The Cube
Cube with LCD Screens © VisionConcept Medientechnik GmbH

V-Control is also responsible for shutting down and waking up several computers in the whole building.

Main Technique Room © VisionConcept

The V-Control PC is located in the main technique room and is a DS61, running 24/7 hours.