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  • Kissbox TC2TR


    The KissBox TC2TR Transceiver allows you to use a standard Ethernet network to distribute Smpte LTC Time-code and MTC Midi Time-code to any part of your system.

    You can configure a TC2TR to behave as a standard Time-code and MIDI interface for a Computer  running Windows or OS X. Although connected trough the IP network, software running on your PC or Mac will “see” the TC2TR as a local MIDI interface, compatible with any existing MIDI application.

  • Moxa IOLOGIK E1214

    • Network controlled Relays and Digital Inputs
    • 6 Relay Outputs
    • 6 Digital Inputs (Dry Contact or Wet Contact configurable)
    • User-definable Modbus/TCP Slave addressing
    • V-Control Driver for Modbus/TCP
    • Supports RESTful API for IIoT applications
    • 2-port Ethernet switch for daisy-chain topologies
    • Save time and wiring cost with peer-to-peer communications
    • Active communications with MX-AOPC UA Server
    • Supports SNMPv1/v2c
    • Easy mass deployment and configuration with ioSearch utility
    • Friendly configuration via web browser
    • Simplify I/O management with MXIO library on either a Windows or Linux platform
    • Class I Division 2, ATEX Zone 2 certification
    • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F)
  • Power Supply for Moxa IOLOGIK


    24V DC 1.0 A

  • Red Lion 100-POE-SPL-12 – Industrial PoE Splitter, 12VDC output

  • USB-8COM Plus ISO

    • 8 x RS232/422/485 ports
    • USB 2.0 High Speed interface
    • USB, serial ports and power supply ESD protected
    • 2.5kV isolation per serial port
    • Robust metal case
    • Jumperless, software and DIP ports configuration
    • Serial speed max. 1000(RS232) / 12000(RS485) kbps
    • 19-inch and Wall mount
    • Wide range DC-in 9-54V, 4W
    • Ports expansion via USB type A connector
    • Wide range operating temperature (-25°C – +75°C)
  • V-Control Designer


    V-Control Designer is software that is used to create Graphical (touch) User Interfaces for V‑Control. It runs on Windows.

  • V-Control Integrator Training

  • V-Control Operator Training

  • V-Control Remote Panel Server License Key


    V-Control Remote Panel Server License to drive up to 5 V-Control Designer Clients.

    The Remote Panel Server is needed to connect running V-Control Designer instances with V-Control.

  • V-Control Remote PC Linux


    Use V-Control Remote PC to send keyboard and mouse commands to a computer connected by network. V-Control Remote PC can also launch applications or send shutdown commands.