V-Control Remote PC Raspberry Pi


Use V-Control Remote PC to send keyboard and mouse commands to a computer connected by network. V-Control Remote PC can also launch applications or send shutdown commands.



V-Control Remote PC is tiny software to control a PC programmatically. It is not comparable with VNC or Remote Desktop, and the desktop of the remote controlled PC is not exported to another PC. The software is useful if one need to control an application e.g. from a show control system. V-Control Remote PC receives commands via UDP or RS232 and execute these commands on the machine were it is installed. One often used purpose is to start Powerpoint and control the Powerpoint Slides by the show control system. But one can control any software that is controllable by keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Another very often used function is to shutdown a PC before switching of the power by a PDU.
Via LaunchApplication command it is possible to execute any shell command and start an application or script (with optional parameters). One can send key down events as well as mouse move and mouse click commands

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