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One of the most requested enhancements for V-Control is the ability to easily build graphical end user interfaces. We are happy to announce that our V-Control GUI Designer is available now.

To finance the work for the GUI Designer and V-Control, the V-Control GUI Designer will not be open source. But we think the price is affordable for everyone who need this tool.

V-Control GUI Designer communicates with V-Control via TCP, which means that the GUI can run on the V-Control system or any other PC that has a network connection to V-Control. You need at least V-Control 3.7.17 to use this tool.

V-Control itself is fully functional without V-Control GUI. You can build graphical interfaces for V-Control with any tool that is capable to communicate via TCP or Web Sockets. V-Control GUI provides just the fastest and easiest way to do so.




[download id=”1071″] (Windows – a full working version. The restriction is that the Demo version will terminate every 15 Minutes)

We made a screen cast to show how V-Control GUI works.

And here are the files we use in the video:


example (you need to unzip this file)


TERRA PAD 1061_seitlich rechtsNeed a Windows Tablet to run V-Control GUI?

Once the GUI for your V-Control project is finished, you might want to use it on a tablet to have a convenient, portable solution to control your tasks and devices.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    And don’t forget status and timecode / ACK window so you can see what is happening 🙂
    GREAT IDEA! I want one licence 🙂

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