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    I’m trying to utilize remote control of VLC through V-Control and while I’m able to make most of the commands work, I am running into some issues that I don’t have the programming knowledge to get past:

    While controlling video playback in VLC through V-Control, it seems that the “play” command does not “play” a video. Instead, I have been using “Add and play”. That’s fine, but once the video is playing and I use the “pause” command, it seems that the only way to resume playback is to use the “pause” command again (not “play”, as would seem logical).

    In the linear use of a timeline, this is not a problem. However, in my case, I have a cuelist to jump ahead in my show to a specific timecode. The next command in the timeline after jumping ahead is a “pause” command. If working through the timeline in a linear fashion, this is no problem as the “pause” command effectively “un-pauses” the video and playback resumes. However, if using the “skip ahead” cuelist that I’ve created, the video pauses and is therefore stuck. It seems like “play” and “pause” should both work to either begin or stop video playback.

    Furthermore, I seem to be unable to use other functions in VLC if the player is paused. For example, if I want to change from one paused video to another, the Add and Play command only works if the currently loaded video is playing. This is problematic as I want to pause one video in the final seconds (closing credits) and then jump to a fullscreen black JPEG to signify the end of the show. This only seems possible if the video is playing, but I want the person running the show to be able to use a cuelist that I’ve created to switch to the black JPEG whenever they desire, not at a specific timed command in the timeline.

    Any help, ideas, or similar posts would be appreciated, I have not been able to find much…


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