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    I’ve been using the V-Control Gui for a while now. I think it’s a very helpful and theoretically easy to use tool. However, I’ve compiled a little wishlist of feature suggestions that I think would greatly improve the program.

    Possible improvements:
    – multi-select by dragging a box (This is the main point. I would be able to work so much faster, if this was possible. At least 70% of the time I spent using the program is spent holding down Ctrl and selecting)
    – during multi-select: editing matching settings for a group of objects (i.e Scaling boxes or changing the color via the Inspector)
    -> ideally some kind of stylesheet functionality for the look
    – line breaks in object captions (I am currently solving this by creating a button without caption and then overlaying it with several see-through labels)
    – moving objects to front/back
    – When choosing a task in Inspector, sorting the tasks alphabetically (looks like they are in the order in which they were created -> chaos)
    – when browsing for a picture search for all image file types, not only *.png
    – when browsing for a picture, remember the last file path

    – undo: when undoing the moving of a group of objects the move of each object has to be undone separately (Example: Do: 1 move for 8 boxes, Undo: 8 moves)
    – when saving and loading a group object, the caption information gets lost

    Kind Regards,


    Dierk Walter

    Hi Anika,

    thats a very long list. I agree with every topic. Unfortunately, I do not have the recourses to fulfill your wishes soon.


    Hi Dierk,

    I understand – I wasn’t expecting any miracles. But I figured there was no point in not letting you know what I noticed.

    I am very happy with the resulting room control interface I have created using your software, it’s just a bit frustrating sometimes because it takes quite a long time to get there.

    BTW, now that we were able to fix the issue with the C-Control crashing the V-Control GUI, we will hopefully soon move over to completely replacing the interface you programmed for us with my new interface – including replacing the iPad with a Windows Tablet.

    Kind Regards,



    I have send my wishes via email in the Last months. If you Code something, please have a look in my mails First hihi 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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