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    If V-Control GUI could accept a string as a parameter to a Command Button and pass it back to V-Control, I could move a lot of my programming directly into the GUI editor.

    In my specific case, I’m interested in writing WATCHOUT control commands like:
    “run AuxTimeline1”

    Currently, I have to create a dedicated task for every single cue in my show in V-Control, then trigger the tasks from V-Control GUI — it’s a lot of back and forth, repetition, and opportunity for mistakes.

    Might this be doable?


    Hi Walter,
    A V-Control command button does accept strings as parameter. It only depends on how a command parameter is defined in the device.

    In the attachment you find an updated watchout driver wit a new command named “RawCommand”. In V-Control GUI you can add a command button and choose a Textfield as parameter. Here you enter your command string (without CR)

    BTW. here is also a command “Run Aux Timeline”, so I do not really understand why you don’t use this command.

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    Do you add this Version in the next release too? When I will use vcontrol with watchout next Time, i will Update the Driver for an Event section, to trigger something back from an Timeline TCP Event 🙂


    So I have done what you want to do. I had created a dummy device and calls it via script together with my Watchout Commander and then send Text to a misterious non existing UDP Channel on
    So now I can write into the field what I want and when I am tracking the send text command in the GUI, it will shows something like “Watchout Task Nr. 3 is running”, because this is the text, which I send into space to grab me my text for the GUI ;))

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