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    To shut down a Mac via UDP or RS232 command, V-ControlRemotePC is an easy to use tool to perform this. To install V-ControlRemotePC for OSX on your Mac, unzip the file to the Programs directory of the Mac. To launch V-ControlRemotePC at startup, add the tool to the users startup objects.

    Then copy the files restart.scpt, shutdown.scpt and sleep.scpt to the users documents directory.

    In V-Control create a new device. Use the V-ControlRemotePC driver and assign a channel that matches the MAC.
    The default port is 10100.

    In V-Control, select the device V-ControlRemotePC and the channel. Then select the command “LaunchApplication”.

    In the “Application Filepath” parameter enter:

    osascript “/Users/dw/Documents/shutdown.scpt”

    Replace the part /dw/ by the users home directory name.

    To repoot replace the part shutdown.scpt with restart.scpt

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