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    I am working on writing a driver for our Kramer VS-411UDH which uses Kramer 3000 Protocol and I’m having trouble getting a consistent responds from the device.

    If I use Hercules Terminal here is what i get:
    Send: #VID 2>1<CR>
    Receive: ~01@VID 2>1

    When running the command in V-Control here is what i get:
    Send: “#VID ” + P1 + “>1” + chr(13) (Assuming P1=1 the Sent string is “#VID 1>1&h0D”
    Received: “VID 1>1&h0D&h0A”

    The next time I run the same command the Received is different, it’s only a part of the string, anyone have an idea as to why it’s not collecting the complete string


    To receive the full string you have to enter a Termination Character in the “Ack in Hey” field (0A in this case)


    Oh, and forget. You have to specify a timeout > 0 (500 recommended). Otherwise V-Control will not wait for the acknowledge.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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