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    I want to connect a 21k / 13k projector via LAN and control the Shutter. I tried different things to connect the projector and switched to non secure mode but nothing happend. Is there someone who already tried this out?

    You can find the code to control the projector via lan in the manual on side 171.

    Best regards


    Hi Jonas,
    did you try PJ Link? Panasonic Projectors usually support this protocol. PJ Link is available as driver in V-Control.


    I tried it, but the PJLink driver in vcontrol didn’t work with the 21k, but there could be a Setup bug.

    I want to use the lan Features, because then the lense functions are availible!!!


    If I understand the protocol right you have to do the following:

    When Web control administrator rights password is not set (Non-protect

    Setup a TCP Channel (default Port is 1024 for this projector)

    For Power on the command should be

    Scriptresult = "00PON"+chr(13)

    Power Off:
    Scriptresult = "00POF"+chr(13)

    Switch Input to RGB1
    Scriptresult = "00IIS:RG1"+chr(13)

    Switch Input to DVI
    Scriptresult = "00IIS:DVI"+chr(13)

    Shutter On
    Scriptresult = "00OSH:1"+chr(13)

    Shutter Off
    Scriptresult = "00OSH:0"+chr(13)

    Does this work for you?

    BTW: I don’t see any Lens functions in the LAN protocol. I used the documents in your link. I found the protocol on page 170.


    Hello again,

    I have looked in some other programs to find out what is the problem with this an found some interesting news 🙂
    So you are right @ Dierk this is the code, but simply I have to use the PTDW 10000 driver and send this code over network to the projector. This function is only available for newer Panasonic projectors. This allowes you to send RS232 Commands via lan!
    I have moddified the driver with the command list from the ptd-z21k (no osd and no freeze function was included, have to try if this old command works with newer devices)

    The only problem until now is the command for the login. When you want to use the rs232 feature over lan, it is much easier to turn of the admin password, instead of creating the hash for the login and do a shake hand with the projector…

    When I can test and finalize my driver, I will upload it to the forum.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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