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    Hi Dierk,

    i am missing the ACK Window in V-Control 4. Not for ACK but for seeing, what was the last command that I have send to a device. For Exalmple Preset Recall or Take on a Encore. It would realy helpfull if there will be a Com-View / Window in V-Control 4, to dive much deeper in the actual communication between Device <-> V-Control. It would be nice to see the code with the filled out values, that was send.

    If I understand correctly the new Device Live Variable are for fetching a status, but not to see which command was send last to a device.


    Ok I found the tread

    Could be that I didn’t see it on a single screen PC?


    Hi Jonas,

    the Log Window shows messages depending on the Log level. Level 3 (Errors ), Level 2 (Warnings), Level 1 (Commands) and Level 0 (All).

    If Level 3 is set in the Options Window, only Errors are shown (default). Level 2 shows Timeouts (a Device doesn’t answer in Time).

    Level 1 and level 0 can produce a huge amount of Messages, All Monitor Commands are shown in Level 1. These Levels are more for debugging.

    But I see another solution. Maybe I add a New device Variable that shows the last command string.

    Dierk Walter

    Your wish is my command.
    V-Control 4.0.6 is now online and it has a new device variable “Sent” which shows the last command string sent to the device.
    BUT:it does only for commands sent by the user, not for monitor commands. Of course it would be possible to implement this for monitor commands as well, but in that case the variable is permanently overwritten by those commands.


    Yeah best man! Thank you very much! 😉

    And thumbs up for the KissBox support 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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