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    Dear community,

    I am experiencing strange behavior of my FBAS-Matrix Kramer VS1616-V/A:
    I controlled it with an old version of vControl (3.6.2) and everything works as it should. Now I wanted to update to 3.7.17 and the matrix crashes whenever I send a command. IN and OUT seem switched but at the same time the value for the IN seems to be out of range as the matrix shows allways 66 on it’s display which doesn’t make sense at all. Recalling Presets crashes it totally.

    The driver didn’t change between the releases. I don’t know where to start my search for the error..

    Thanks for your help!



    Are there ich any chr(xx) commands in the driver where xx > 127. In this case change them to chrB(xx).
    Also check if xx is a variable and could be >127.



    This could be the solution. I will check that and come back with a reply. Thank you, Dierk!



    That solved it! Thanks again, Dierk!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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