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    Hello again,

    I think about the new Concept and wnat to aks, if it wouldn’t be easier to have a Device List Option in the Channel Editor, so if I add a Channel, a New Device would be added also and the new Channel would already be mapped with the Device.

    I had Shows with 72 Projectors, and if I think about to add 72 Channels, and 72 Devices and then I have to map each other, it would be a pain in the ass in this usecase 😉

    So in the Event world, there are more and more shows with a lot of Devices, so it would be a great feature to combine this setup Step, if it is possible 😉

    The question is can I add more Channels to a Device in v4 like I did in v3 or is this not the way to do this anymore. In the past I redesigned shows to this concept 1x Channel + 1x Device, because if one of the Channels where blocked or has a Timeout, the other Devices didn’t get a command too. So to do it the save way, there was only the 1+1 programming method, so I could understand if the designe changes to this way.


    Hi Jonas,

    because of the new concept of device variables it is not possible to add more then one channel to a device. The reason is that, if a device driver has more then one channel, from which channel do we fill the device variables? The device variables represent the current state of the device.
    In your 72 Projectors example, if we have one device with 72 channels, how can a device variable represent the selected input, lamp hours or power status of all those projectors?

    Also in V-Control 4, channels should not block any more. Now all the commands that have to be sent to a device are written in a list. Every 10 ms the list is processed and all commands in the list are fired. If the list contains 2 commands for one device, then the last command is executed. If the second command is a monitor command(which fires periodically) the command will be removed from the list. If it is not a monitor command, then the command will not send (because we wait for the acknowledge of the first command), but will be fired as soon as the acknowledge of the firs command is processed.


    But isn’t it then better to combine the channel and the device list? So if you add a Device you will also add One Channel so you can combine this step into one if possible 😉

    And if you do so, it would be nic to see the “?” Button Text for the Port and Setting for the Channel you have to add 😉


    In 4.06 the Device Setup Dialog has an extra text field showing the Device Help.

    I’m still not happy with the Device Setup and channel setup in one dialog. If you have to add many channels of the same type, as in your 72 projectors example, the way we do it now is very convenient in my oppinion. Create a channel and add it. Then select the channel, change ip and name and press the add button again. This is very fast. In your suggestion you have to enter all data from the beginning.

    Maybe you can post a Layout of how you exactly imagine the dialog


    So my idea is:

    – You open the Dialoge Channel and you fill out the Channel settings, that you like
    – Now you have the OPTION tho choose a Device from the Device list, with is alphabetic sorted
    – If you don’t know the settings for the Device you can choose the Device first and press ? to see the Channel Settings like in the Device Menu.
    – If you press ADD CHANNEl now, V-Control have to do 3 things
    – First it will add a new Channel to the Device List
    – Second it adds the selected Device from the list on the right side
    – Third it mapps the Channel directly to the Device, so you don’t have to do the setup in the Device Settings afterwards

    So back to my example, if I Setup the Device to Barco Projector and add the First Channel, the next Step would be to change the IP for the second Projector BUT I don’t have to Change my Device Setting, so if I add the second projector, the procedur will do the 3 Step Setup (Channel, Device, mapping). So after I have added 72 Channels, I have also added 72 Devices with the Channels and have already mapped the Channels to the Device.

    This is my idea for a better Channel handling and it will prevent the most Users from adding more than one Channel to a Device (which you could, if you use v3 Drivers)

    IF you don’t want to add a Device with the Channel and do it the old way, you can if you leave the Device to None or Empty or something like this.


    And for UPDATE Channel you ignore the Device Setting in the Channel Window, because it should already mapped to a Device. BUT on this point I Want to say, it would be nice, if I change the Channel name, that the mapped Channel name in the mapped Devices would also update this Name, because if you rename the Channel you have to manually update the Device (Erase the Old name and add the new one). If you Update a Device Name in Device Setup it updates all the tasks, so this feature would be nice for the Channels/Device Settings too 😉


    Now after a few month Dierk had reconstruced the Channels to a very good state, but two cases were I am not so comfortable with:

    1. You can add the same IP+Port to different devices and as we know this will not work when we switch into run mode 😉
    2. When I save the channel It would be nice to get a feedback like a symbol or a text (NO POPUP!!) that indicates that the save worked. It is strange to press a Button and don’t get any feedback that the channel/save/modification is working. It would be nice to see the IP near the Channel State in the programming Window or in something like a seperated Output Window, were I can see All running Channels with IP and Port so I can indicate if some Channel is broken (in my case I fill out the IP into the port window and didn’t realize it for a longer time ^^)

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