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    Yes I know it’s the hardest code you probably have ever seen aside from black magic (lol), but we are all lazy and sometimes we want a fast solution. So you can execute every page and buttons on a streamdeck right now, which is running companion.
    Since version 1.3.0 companion can execute xml strings for the E2 so sometimes it is faster to integrate some custom xml changes on the streamdeck side but you can execute them via Touch GUI on the FOH side as well. Every time you trigger a Button it companion will highlight the button shortly, so you can see an execution.

    In version 1.3.0 you can do multi Buttons. So one Button is triggering a lot of Buttons on the Deck and you can trigger it via TouchGui/V-Control. So you have a sort of macro feature.

    And another hint for you guys, the new ImagePro 4k is running the same xml structure as the E2/S3 Series, so it should be possible to execute ImagePro 4k XML commands from companion as well (also via V-Control) (driver for IP4K has to wait until I will get a unit on my hand). You can fetch the commands on the event master toolset if I am informed correctly.

    Have fun


    additional stuff:

    In my actual setup I am running companion on a second device and wanted to trigger a button via network. The problem was, that I also wanted to configurate companion via network. Here are the issues I was running into on windows 10:

    – select the correct network adapter and port on the companion pc
    – don’t press close, press hide
    – when you want to access the config website from companion you have to be on private network setting. This is the major problem today on every win10 PC, and it is hard to change this. But here is your perfect solution:

    I have wrote a PowerShell Script called:

    change_fucking_ethernet_profile_bitch_private.cmd + change_fucking_ethernet_profile_bitch_private.ps1

    It can have every name, but they have to be similar to each other. So execute the cmd as admin and it will give you a list of network adapters. Type in the correct number, press enter and you are fine. In the set is also a change to public script, which will turn this setting back to normal 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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