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    Jonas Stade

    I have modified the ImagePro Networked driver for VControl, because we use 5 imagepro with dual out (10 Outs) and the led guys need several test images for adjusting. We had the problem, if the IP2 powers down, the view was not recalled correctly. So the modified driver includes testpattern (old function), testpattern_dualout (new function) and view (new function) for every Output.
    I think this driver will be modified in the future, and I will update this topic when the time comes.

    So to explain the function, you can use the Networked Driver with the Login function on Port 23 or u can use the Service Port 10001 for a connection, but you have to send the login as last function in a cue, because it includes some chr(13) 🙂 Don’t knwo why, but I have no time to fix this little bug on site.

    PS: to import the driver into the templates, you have to use Configure -> Edit Device templates -> File -> Import

    Last Update: 08.10.2015


    Thank you Jonas, I put your driver to the database with the next release.



    again a new version of the IPII driver with a lot more XML commands inside. Until now, 36 visible commands are included. Try to use Port 23 with login first instead of 10001, works much better than the open version without login. For switching between inputs only, you can use 10001, but for example EDID and Ethernet are realy buggy on 10001 🙂

    For download see the first post and you have to be logged in first.

    Remember, that sometimes you have to send the login command after a normal command on port 10001 to send another “RETURN” to the ImagePro for completing the command


    New Version, can’t edit my previeous posts to update them…


    – SDI 1 & SDI 2 was named SDI1 / SDI2 in the most commands, so SDI commands doesn’t work until now.
    – Logo & Black had the wrong input number in the SelectInput command

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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