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    there was already a driver in v-control, written by Dierk, but I need to trigger AUX Timelines for different events.

    And as I have opened the device editor, I have to write all other nessecary commands into the driver 😉

    So what can you do with the new Version?

    – Trigger AUX Timelines
    – Set the VALUES of an INPUT (like MIDI, but you don’t need a MIDI Board)
    – You can TRANSFORM INPUT VALUES in a given time like Set Midi to 1.000 in 2000 miliseconds
    – You can get the actual Timecode from the Main Timeline directly from Watchout and a lot of states and request features like, is the show running or paused? online or offline? etc.

    – I have copyed the Event Channel from the generic device into the Watchout driver so you don’t have to rename the driver and can use this as an event trigger directly from Watchout. For this Feature you have to add an OUTPUT to Watchout and drag and drop it to a Timeline and set the send parameters to HEX starting with $. Example for ASCII A is $41$0D. The event Device is expecting 0D as CR, so you have to send it to complete the command!

    I hope you have fun with it. I have build a re task, where Watchout Triggers the end of a Timeline to V-Control and then V-Control sets the time for the Timeline and start it again. Like a variable Timer event in Watchout, because v-control is reacting to timeline values which I have set 😉

    I hope you like it,
    Greetz Jonas


    I wanted to download my own driver, but I didn’t find it in this tread ?___?

    So I hope this is the last Version!


    So, after checking this Driver today, I can say, yes this is the correct Version. It is VC3 Only, because it uses a lot of ACK Commands to get Timecodes, Names, States etc.

    You can get the Timecode of the Main and an AUX Timeline, Jump to Cue Named X on Main and AUX, set Midi Values (2 Commands, one for single and one for a List of Midi Values), is watchout running/standby, Cluster OK etc. So you would be able to react on the State of the Programmer software if you want.

    If i have time, I will Update this Driver to VC4. This will be my first Project/Driver in VC4, if Dierk hasn’t already update this Driver… 😉


    So I am updating the driver to V4, but I am a little bit confused about the event handling process.

    Do I need to add an event command to receive data from watchout or do I have to add it to my device in the project?

    In Watchout I decided to add an event command in V3 so you can react on Timeline Cues send to V-Control. I am a little bit unsure how it should work right now….


    Hi Jonas,

    for most devices you will have only one Event Command, and depending on the Event Data the DeviceVariables are set.

    Event commands are only needed if the device sends Data that was not requested by V-Control. If a Device sends Data only on request, you have to use a Monitor Comand. This command runs periodically and request the Data/Status of a Device.

    As an example for Monitor commands look at the PJLink driver.

    Dierk Walter

    For an Event command, you can look at the MIDI TCP Connector as example.
    I also plan to update the Watchout driver, maybe you can send what you have done and I can take a look at it.


    Yeah, I have problems to compile the old driver with the new command/ack command routines. I try to find out what the problem is. I think I use a wrong system variable or something like that. I send you my version if I can compile the new one :))
    Thanks for the hint with the event.

    But is there a difference between the old event and the new event?

    Normaly I would send an ascii code from Watchout to vcontrol, because I can setup TCP Output in the Watchout Timeline.

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