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    Hi Guys,

    since the PIP function is enabled in the newest firmware, it is a mess to push the buttons and recall some positions for the PIPs, so I had some time over the last months and I have written a Driver for Barcos PDS 902 Firmware 3.X.

    So after hacking around 100 telnet commands into VControl and tested the most of them, this is the result. Only commands like “Adjust Display Brightness” where left out, because this can be controlled better via Front Panel 😉

    Some words about the handling. Since DCS200 Barco uses a user and password in their telnet server, you have to login first every time you want to use the telnet. I wrote a function for this, but it works not very well.

    So the best way to login, is to use the SendText function in the driver to send first the word “user” without quotation marks and <CR> and second “” (empty) and <CR> to the PDS. The Login function do the same, but it works better this way….

    The most functions are tested, but not guarantee that the driver works 100% 😉

    Standard IP PDS902:
    Standard Port Telnet TCP/IP: 23


    PS: to import the driver into the templates, you have to use Configure -> Edit Device templates -> File -> Import 😉


    Hi Jonas,

    thank you for contributing. Seems that you did a huge work.
    Your driver will be implemented in the next V-Control update (Version 3.7.15)


    Hello again,

    Ii am sitting right now in a conference with PDS Setup in the speaker desk and a remote web control for the pds.
    I have written 10 Tasks for the 9 Inputs + Logo, one Task for TAKE and two for freeze and unfreeze.

    Then I have routed the tasks to the playlist / keys (0 Logo, 1-9 Source, Enter for Take and + and for freeze and unfreeze.

    So now I can see what the PDS is doing (via webcontrol window) on the left side and on the right side I have the playlist open and can control the pds with the NUM Pad 🙂

    Every task contains 2x Login and then the command I want to send. It is working 100% stable. If you use 1x Login it could be stuck in the command, so be safe and use 2x login in every task (or write a call as function task for this).

    I hope the driver works well with your setup!


    Hi Dierk,

    I think you missed the driver in the last release. Could you check if there are some other missing devices since the last release too?


    Dierk Walter

    Hi Jonas,

    I checked that the PDS driver Ver. 1.0 is in the next release.


    SO after I have to use my own driver in the last days I could say, it has a problem with the login command. When I have time, I will copy it from the ImagePro 2 Login, because this is working fine and it is the same engine.

    The 100% working “Workaround” is to add in EVERY Task 3 RAW commands!
    1. send “user” (without “”)
    2. send “” (nothing without “”)
    3. send “” (nothing without “”) (send it again)

    and then it Works. The Raw command is on Number 100 or something like that!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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