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    I wrote this Driver a few weeks ago, but had no ascender or time to test it. Now i’m sitting in front of Ascender16 and all Features works fine. If someone could test this Driver on an Ascender48-4k if it works, then please do so and give me feedback!

    Some Facts about the Driver:

    On Ascender you can set how the device should handle the recall mode for “Destinations” or they call it “ScreenList”. You can choose, if a preset can overwrite the ScreenList or not. If not, the global ScreenList is the master for the transition and have to be moddified manually. If the preset is the master, every time you call a preset, it will overwrite the screenlist. After a recall you can exclude screens from the list an take the list with this modification, but if you recall a preset again, the List will be updated from the preset, so be carefull what you are doing!

    Multiview mode (Fullscreen, Mosaic) is included in the “Source to MV Window” command. I think it is not necessary to change the mosaic window input in a Show, so the only thing you need is “Switch to FullScreen Mode and add LIVE 1 to it” or something like this. So, for example, you can save all inputs on fullscreen tasks and for the mosaic mode you can recall the 8 MV presets. But if you want to change every input on every window on the MV screen you can also do this!

    Confidence is not tested yet, but should work.

    You can send TAKE for singles screens as a list in a task (Like Take S1, Take S2, Take S3 …) and it appears very in sync, so this is another way to do this.

    There is a project file as attachment to see a few examples.

    I hope you have fun with this.

    @ Dierk, would be nice if you can include E2, Ascender, Moddified PlaybackPro and ImagePro2 DUAL OUT to the next release 😉

    Best regards


    Hello again,

    I want to share some experience with my driver. I had a show with Ascender 32 + 4k Ascender Output Extension Unit.
    I can say, the Driver works perfect!

    I had 4 Preview Monitors on stage and all sources as touch task on buttons and could change every monitor every time with a single touch.

    Why i write a feedback? I think some users will have a problem with the concept of the driver. So I want to describe some features:

    Take means to take ONE SINGLE Screen. So set the Screen Nr.

    SetScreenList means to setup a Destination Table which could be taken with TakeScreenList

    SetMMemoryDest. only works, when you set the preset mode to manual! This means you call a preset, but the ScreenList Settings in the preset would be ignored on mode manual. So you call sources but you are responsible for the Destinations to be taken at any time!

    PresetLoadAndTake combines “CallPresetToScreen” and “Take” so the Screen Nr. is important in this function!

    “Select_S1_S4_AndTake” Setup a ScreenList and take it. There is another function for S5 to S8. It only Takes 1-4 or 5-8 but never 1-8 in one function, because the 4 screens are sepetrated. This is usefull, because every Unit has a max Output of 4 so you can do this for every hardware unit seperatly!

    “SetMultiview” is a little tricky. If you change the mode to FullScreen only 1 source cand be displayed. So If you want to go back to mosaic, you have to set 1 Source too, because I combined it in the function for a better use. Master and Slave works great on the Test!

    “DeleteMultiview” and “DeleteConfidence” are unique functions, because you can not find a delet button for these two preset Lists ^^

    DeviceType didn’t work until now 🙂


    Hi Jonas,
    I have used your driver now for a couple of Jobs. Great work, Thank you.

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