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    I have created a script that securely turns off dimmable lights. Because the lights have no feedback channel its a lengthy process (at least 10s per light to dimm to full power and then turn off). With all the lights in the room it takes several minutes to finish.

    The lights are controlled via 4 C-Controls.
    I was hoping to improve speed by creating separate scripts for each C-Control and then running them in parallel as threads. I assumed that as long as I was accessing different c-controls the commands could run in parallel. However, V-Control gives me a “Device Blocked” error. I understand that I cannot access the same channel i.e. physical device more than once, but with different channels I am accessing different physical devices, so I don’t understand why that is a problem.

    So, my question is:
    Would it physically be possible to have two v-controls control different light switches at the same time? If so, can I work around my issue by creating a copy of my C-Control device and then using different C-Control device copies to run control the lights in parallel?

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    Hi Anika,
    as the message says, the device is blocked, not the channel.
    If you have one C-Control device and assign multiple channels to it, then you can use the device only in one task simultaneously.

    If you create multiple C-Control devices and assign only one channel to each device, then you can use these device/channel combinations in different tasks at the same time.


    Okay, thank you! I will try this then. I just wanted to check if this should physically be possible before I break something 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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