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    Hi everyone,

    so I’ve been trying to remote control our ClearOne Converge Pro 880T.
    This is our phone system and all I want to be able to do is pick/hang up a call and dial a number. Sounds easy, right?

    The structure of serial commands is as follows:
    # <Device Type> <Device ID> <Command> [Values] <Carriage Return>

    When I use some of the simple queries, such as CLOCK or COUNTRY I get answers.

    For CLOCK Query is:
    DEVICE CLOCK [Date Month Year Hours Minutes Seconds Day]
    (NULL to Query in Text)

    So I type: scriptresult =chr(35) +”D0″+ “CLOCK” + chr(13)
    and get the expected answer.

    So far, so easy.

    For DIAL the query is:
    DIAL – DTMF Dialing
    This command dials a DTMF sequence or reports back the last sequence dialed.
    Command Form: DEVICE DIAL <Channel> [Number]

    What do I put for <Channel> ?

    According to some additional information:
    Argument Type Size Values Units
    Channel Channel 1 See Groups and Channels
    Group Group 1 17 (R)
    Reserved 2 0
    Number String 40 1 – 40 Chars of ‘0’ – ‘9’, ‘*’, ‘#’, ‘,’
    (Null to query last number dialed in text)

    (see screenshots in attached word document)

    So I look up the coresponding channel for Group 17(R) with my converge 880T. It is “1”. To query I should not type a phone number.

    So I type: scriptresult =chr(35) +”D0″+ “DIAL1” + chr(13)

    And Get “Error Unknown Command”.

    If I add a phone number at the end:

    scriptresult =chr(35) +”D0″+ “DIAL1” + phonenumber + chr(13)

    I also get “unknown command”.

    If I leave off the 1 and just type “DIAL”:

    scriptresult =chr(35) +”D0″+ “DIAL1” + chr(13)

    I get “Error Argument Error”.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    Kind Regards,



    In your attached document there is an example for the Mute Comand:
    #12 Mute 5 M 0
    It seems hat there have to be spaces between your command parameters.

    Soinstead of
    scriptresult =chr(35) +”D0"+ “DIAL1” + phonenumber + chr(13)
    scriptresult =chr(35) +”D0 "+ “DIAL 1 ” + phonenumber + chr(13)

    Not sure if channel 1 is correct, your attached document does not contain any information about this.


    Sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees… Dialing works now, thank you very much!!

    However, I don’t seem to be able to find how to answer a call or hang up. When remote controlling a phone, is there a standard ASCII character you usually put to hang up?

    BTW, the channel 1 is mentioned in the attached document:
    According to the description of the DIAL command the Group is Group no. 17(R). So I looked in the Groups & Channels Table and looked for Group R (Receive). In the column for Converge 880T it says the channel is 1.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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