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    I have the problem, that i am using two playback pros in my show. When you close the connection or restart the program, the ACK says first ‘no connection’ and then ‘channel blocked’ and then i have to restart vcontrol to solve this problem. Now the question, is it possible to reset the connection/channel in vcontrol and would it be possible to do this as a Task so I can do this from a GUI Designer remote device?

    Best regards

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    Hi Jonas,

    let me make sure that I understand your problem.

    1. You have your two Playback Pro’s running and it works with V-Control.

    2. Then you close V-Conrol, start it again and load the project again.

    3. Then, if you try to access the Playback Pro’s you get the “no connection” error?

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    Hi Dierk,

    Sorry for the Late post.

    I mean, when the listening port of the Device is blocked through an bug. It could also be possible, that After One Night of idle, that the Connection was closed and then you send a Parameter into a dead end and vcontrol blocks the Channel forever. It Happens with imagepro 2 too, if you per them idle for a few days. So i’m looking for a function to reset the com Channel / Device to the vcontrol Start State 🙂
    And some funny bug, when you connect VVVV to PlaybackPro, it is always stronger with the Connection and the Channel ist blocked. When you close VVVV and the Channel is free, you have to start vcontrol again to redet the connection….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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