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    I just downloaded version 3.7.18 for OSX but I can’t seem to get it to run. It starts up with a splash screen and then shows an error window that says “Could not find the Device database, Error -3010” I click “OK” and get a License Agreement windows but nothing happens when I click “Accept”.

    Running OSX 10.12.3.



    Hi again,

    I had some more time to play around with this today and I got it working. While I’m not exactly sure why it’s working now I’d like to at least list out what I did so others may benefit.

    1) I thought maybe the symptoms had to do with the app needing to be in the /Applications directory so I moved it there. When I tried to run it I got the same error message and license agreement prompt but this time when I clicked “Accept” it took it and the program started.

    2) When I closed the program I noticed that it had created v-control.ini and users.db in my applications directory.

    3) I already had a users.db in the original folder from the .zip archive so I moved just the app and v-control.ini file back to the original folder.

    4) When I ran the program from the original folder it ran fine that time.

    5) I noticed that the settings in the v-control.ini were wrong since they were pointing to /Applications/ directory where I first ran the app.

    6) I renamed v-control.ini and ran the program again and again it started up fine and it also created a new v-control.ini file with the proper directory path.

    At this point I’m up and running.



    It might have something to do with write permissions. V-Control needs write permissions to the folder where the binary is located. Otherwise it can not write to it’s *.ini file.


    This might be a sandbox issue. On what mac version are you?


    I just had a look at the code, and I guess it’s also an AbsolutePath issue here. AbsolutePath issue thread

    When I did a release build I also got the same problem. So I had a look at some of the debug routes and there is also lot of file path stuff. Will have a deeper look at it now…


    A V-Control update is available now containing Sebastians bugfix. OSX should work now properly.

    Thanks Sebastian

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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