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Thanks for clearing that up for me. This has been a great exercise in Basic. I an now using a different playback server that only has 84 clips on it. The CountFields operation is now consistently giving me the correct count. The only issue I am having is that the For…Next loop does not seem to be working. Below is my code. I added the ShowMessage in order to monitor the output of CountFields. Please let me know if you see anything that I am missing in order for this to work. Thanks again for your help.

dim tmp, rcv, count as string
dim i as integer

rcv = GetDeviceVar(“Received”)

For i = 1 to CountFields(rcv,”</ClipID>&h0D&h0A</clipid>&h0D&h0A</reply>”) -1
tmp = NthField(rcv,”</ClipID>”,1)
tmp = replaceAllB(tmp,”<ClipID>”,”:”)
tmp = NthField(tmp,”:”,2) + “;”
count = Str(i)
ShowMessage(” ” + count)