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Have I missed a feature that will do this sort of thing? Or is it not there?

Unfortunately not. But I can offer two workarounds.

1. In the V-Control main window you select the task that stops your audio file. Now go back to playlist and operate your show. If you want to stop the audio click on the “Run” button in the V-Control window.
That will work – until I start editing the show. I mostly expect to use the “halt” task during rehearsals – which is also when I expect I’ll be doing editing while also running the show. But I’ll try it. So far I’m still just building and playing – no real show yet.

2. You can attach physical push buttons to V-Control. You can do that with any micro-controller. We have examples for Arduino on the V-Control homepage

In my opinion this is the most convenient way to solve your problem.
Hmm. I do like that. I’ll look into that more – but maybe I should wait until I have actually used suggestion #1. Thanks for the suggestions!

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