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Quote from: Dierk on December 30, 2014, 01:39:32 PM
If I understand you right then you want to send two command strings within one command, is that right?

Well, sort of. That isn’t the real issue. What I was really asking about is the ability to use a subroutine. Is it possible or not?

Related, is there a language reference covering syntax, etc for REALBasic or Xojo as it is available in a command script?

In the device editor you find a drop down box labeled “Next Command”. Here you can define the command that has to execute after the first command.

I saw that, but didn’t really want to use it because the user has to know which commands are not “available” because they are just links in the chain. But as I look closer, I see that I can choose a “Tab” for the commands – and if it’s set to null, the command is invisible to normal use.

That sure could work for the twin command part.