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Quote from: Dierk on December 12, 2014, 09:42:26 AM
I would like to figure out why the VLC driver did not work for you. Did you use VLC on the same computer that is running V-Control (Debian machine in this case) ?

On the same machine, I tried “localhost”, and No error reported in V-Control. At a shell prompt from the same user running V-Control, I launched a telnet session and successfully controlled VLC. After exiting telnet, I tried piping a command to telnet, and that worked (echo “play” | telnet 10101). Finally, I setup wireshark to monitor and used that IP and compared V-Control to the piped telnet command. The piped command had a few reply packet from VLC that V-Control did NOT.

I can do more troubleshooting for you, but for my needs, the shell command looks like it will work better than VLC because it will stop itself at the end of the file and the filename is visible in the list.

Or was it running on a different PC with maybe a different operating system? None of these scenarios should be a problem, I’m asking just to know your environment.

I did try running VLC on another Debian machine. Same result. I didn’t do any testing further than just trying it once. *smiles*

May I ask you to share your Roland M-200i driver int the V-Control Show Case section?

Absolutely! It is the plan. I’m not a real programmer, so I have to be a bit more creative to be able to contribute to open source software. When I get a few more of the commands programmed I’ll send it to you. Should I attach it to a forum post? Or email it to you? Or something else?

In the drivers help text you can write something about you as co


Ah! Okay. I’ll do that.