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Hi Jonas,

Du hättest auch auf deutsch schreiben können, aber englisch ist natürlich besser weil dann mehr Leute was davon haben.

How to change a drivers name and category:

First, create a new driver as you already did. In your case you used the Generic Device. The Generic device is in the category I/O by default. Once you are happy with the new device open the Device Editor by clicking Configure -> Edit Devices… If the Device Editor is opened like this, you have access only to devices that are part of your current project. All changes take place only in your project, the original device templates stay untouched. Select your new driver in the drop down box labeled “Device:”. Next select File -> Export in the device editors main menu. The driver is now saved in a .dr3 file at the position you choose.

Close the device editor if still open and select Configure -> Edit device Templates… Now you have access to the device database that is storing all the device drivers shipped with V-Control. Any changes you do here will change the device template.
Select File -> Import from the device editors main menu and enter a meaningful device name.
Select the previously exported driver. In your case this driver is based on the Generic device which is part of the category I/O. Select “I/O” from the drop down box labeled “Category”. Then click the drop down box labeled “Device:” Your new device should appear in this list. Select it.
If you want to change the category of this device check the box “Change Category” and select a new category in the drop down box labeled “Category:”. It is very important at this point to check the box “Change Category”.
Now change the fields “Type” and “Manufacturer” as you need
Click Update Device

Thats it. Next time you click Configure -> Devices… you will find your new device in the database.

It would be very nice if you contribute your driver to the V-Control community. You can attach it here in your next post or send me an email with the driver attached. I will insert in in the default database. This has the advantage that – in case of updates / new versions – your driver is already in the database. There is a Tab “Helptext” in the device editor. Here you can write some helpful things for other people that want to use your driver (i.e. Baudrate or default TCP/UDP ports etc.). If you like you can also show others who has developed the driver (your name, email address and/or website).