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additional stuff:

In my actual setup I am running companion on a second device and wanted to trigger a button via network. The problem was, that I also wanted to configurate companion via network. Here are the issues I was running into on windows 10:

– select the correct network adapter and port on the companion pc
– don’t press close, press hide
– when you want to access the config website from companion you have to be on private network setting. This is the major problem today on every win10 PC, and it is hard to change this. But here is your perfect solution:

I have wrote a PowerShell Script called:

change_fucking_ethernet_profile_bitch_private.cmd + change_fucking_ethernet_profile_bitch_private.ps1

It can have every name, but they have to be similar to each other. So execute the cmd as admin and it will give you a list of network adapters. Type in the correct number, press enter and you are fine. In the set is also a change to public script, which will turn this setting back to normal 😉