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Hi there, we had a nice idea onsite and wanted to confirm if it is working, and it works (but we don’t know how long it would be stable 😉

IDEA: When someone clicks on powerpoint, the multiviewer background should be changed for 1 second to greend and then back to black

So we needed a new command to change MV settings and I redesigned the MAC Adress field to a global one, because in V4 there couldn’t be two frames added to one device.

The result, it works quiet well, but I havn’t enough P fields for RGB Color, MV Destination and the Target Layout, so I had to work around a little bit with RGB values like 1023;1023;1023 for white. The command checks and erase characters or values under 0 and over 1023 and if you are lazy just type in 1023 and the command copy the value to R – G – B 🙂

We connected the Mastercue to V-Control and set up a playlist with arrow left/right added to green and red color and delay of 2000 so if someone is clicking wild, the E2 will not be broken from command 😉

I want to add some Device Values that are always there so we have something like “LastPreset Recalled” and some other interestin informations that could be provided for the GUI and so on (Transition Value from 0 to 4048 is also interesting for an optical feedback). But I am working on this right know and waiting for an answer from Dierk how this could be realised 😉

=> SO this Driver is BETA and just for people who wants to try out, fixed some stuff in comparison to V1.9