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Hie Dierk,

when you look into your preset recall function, you recall it like GClrq0,1,0,1,0,1 + chr(10) but the manual says that you have to send it like 1,0,1,0,1,0GClrq + chr(10) so I am a little confused that it still works 😉

SOme functions are not working well, but I think it is a Pulse Bug, because it changes for example Border Settings in the menu, but did not show these changes on the Preview. This could something to do with the Screen Update, which you have to send after a preset modification. I have the feeling, that these screen update didn’t happen, but it should be right. I put the Update function into the VAR screenupdate, so it is easier to identify the VAR 😉

I have found this Bug too, but I didn’t save it so far.

I hope the Driver will help people which are using a MIDRA on a production. I had one MIDRA years ago too, and there was no driver at that time…

Interesting fact, you can only connect ONE Device/Software to the Pulse2 Unit. When a connection is established you cannot connect with any other Device/Software to the Frame. When you want to use the RCS Software from AnalogWay, you have to close V-Control…. Could be an interesting information for the ? Driver Help 😉