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After one year there where a big feature added into the E2 6.x Software:

Version 6.x added Cue/Cuelist Options. You can set a list of cues and play/pause/stop them. With this options comes the external device setup. Because it is tricky to add a lot of commands to a device, you have the option to add commands via V-Control. YOu can setup one device via V-Control an create the command list, by executing a task or something like that!

THIS IS A Version 3 Driver!!

Dierk, I have tried to import V3 Driver into V4. It is possible (*.* + Enter), BUT all Commands where Change to ACK Commands, because ACK begins with A and is first in the List. Could you change the order so the import takes command for all imported commands, so I have to set only the ACK manually??