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So my idea is:

– You open the Dialoge Channel and you fill out the Channel settings, that you like
– Now you have the OPTION tho choose a Device from the Device list, with is alphabetic sorted
– If you don’t know the settings for the Device you can choose the Device first and press ? to see the Channel Settings like in the Device Menu.
– If you press ADD CHANNEl now, V-Control have to do 3 things
– First it will add a new Channel to the Device List
– Second it adds the selected Device from the list on the right side
– Third it mapps the Channel directly to the Device, so you don’t have to do the setup in the Device Settings afterwards

So back to my example, if I Setup the Device to Barco Projector and add the First Channel, the next Step would be to change the IP for the second Projector BUT I don’t have to Change my Device Setting, so if I add the second projector, the procedur will do the 3 Step Setup (Channel, Device, mapping). So after I have added 72 Channels, I have also added 72 Devices with the Channels and have already mapped the Channels to the Device.

This is my idea for a better Channel handling and it will prevent the most Users from adding more than one Channel to a Device (which you could, if you use v3 Drivers)

IF you don’t want to add a Device with the Channel and do it the old way, you can if you leave the Device to None or Empty or something like this.