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There is no way to prevent a log window pop up if an error occurs. It is not much work to change this behavior, but I don’t like the idea. I think that, if there is an error, there has to be a kind of notification.

The call buttons are a quick and dirty way to have a very basic UI for an end user. There is nothing to customize other then the caption and the assigned task. If you need a more powerful UI you can use the Designer or make a HTML/Javascript interface by using the build in Web Server.

…. is it possible that after autostart there will be a “auto-call-window-open” setting?

Do yo mean that the call buttons appear on startup? There is no setting at the moment that allows this. Again, if you need an end user UI, then you have to use the Designer, a Web Page or any other tool of your choice that let you create user interfaces.

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