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the latest e2 manual has considerably improved documentation of the JSON API – it seems that you can “subscribe” to events such as preset recall and then you will be notified every time a preset is recalled on the e2. It would be great if someone with better knowledge of JSON and V-Control could look at implementing this functionality so that preset changes made on an EC200 can be tracked on a computer running V-Control.

Subscription and Un-Subscription
When a subscription is done from a JSON-based application, a notification is sent to the ip port where the application is running
when there is change for which the user has subscribed.
Actual notification is sent asynchronously as an HTTP Post, with the following structure: {result: {method: “notification”,notificationType:
“ScreenDestChanged”,change: { add: [2], remove: [], update: [0, 1,
2] }}}.
The change field contains the XmlId(s) of the screens that were added/removed or updated. – Page 511 onwards.