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Hi !!

OK, I’m back @ home and just find how to change the bk_release command. It works ! yay.

I’ve tested some features… and now, I got a new question:
I want to format disk. For that, I need to hold REC and then press Rev play.

But, the REC command seems to be “auto released” … so, when I tried a task with
0 – Record
1 – bk_play_rec
2 – bk_release

It doesn’t work…

any idea ??

I tried to record some videos, too… but it’s supposed to tell me there’s nothing connected, if I didn’t connect a proper video source to the input (of course, I set the bonsai drive as requested… for instance, CVBS if it’s a single BNC for video connection)
but when I hit the REC command, it sends me to Menu 092, giving disk info… (that’s why I want to format the Bonsai)

again, thanks for your time and kindness…