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You can use the Bonsai Drive with a RS232 Interface, but you need a custom made control cable.

The Device Interface in V-Control (where you select the commands) has a “?” button. if you click this, a window with additional information pops up, in case of the Bonsai this one:

RS232/422 Interface Settings

Baudrate : 38400
DataBits : 8
Parity : o
StopBits : 1

The Commands bk_Play, bk_play_rev, bk_ninus, bk_plus, bk_stop, bk_loc1, bk_lok2, bk_menu and bk_release emulate a keypress on the key buttons of the Bonsai Drive. To perform a keypress, you have zu send a command (i.e. bk_play) followed by a bk_release.

IMPORTANT: These devices using RS422 commports that are different from RS232. If a RS422 interface is installed in the system, use the normal remote cable for betacam machines (9-pin 1:1 connected). If not, a special adaptor cable is needed which is shown here:

RS232 9-pol. RS422 9-pol.


Note: which this adaptor the max. cable length is approx. 6 m.

There is a bug in the help concerning RS422 interfaces. There you also need a customized cable, but different from the one described for RS232.

The tweak with the RS232 port to control RS422 devices does not work for every RS422 device. My experience is that it works for most devices, but not for DVS Pronto 2, 3 and 4, but works with Probto 1, Bonsai, Betacam VTR’s, Doremi and Grass Valley Turbo Drives.

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