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I have modified my driver too much in the last months so there are some different commands in different versions. I have tried to fix this in this version and I think there should be all commands inside. If not, then I have to reupload it again.

“NEW” in this Version:
RouteSourceToAuxPGM – Routes the Source directly to an aux pgm output (no take is needed)
FreezeSource – The older FreezeSourceToDestination (also included) Freezes a source an a destination (not so good). With this command you can Freeze all Backgrounds with one click or something like this.

This was the first time I had a stacked version with 2 E2 Units, so I have increased some Input fields etc.

The Version Number of the Driver is included under “HELP” so you can check, if your version is correct. This Driver was tested with Rev. 4.0.1041